Camo Kit

Covert combat

Designing a digital pattern can be as simple as using graph paper and filling in the squares or as complex as running multiple fractals (graphics with feedback loops) and advanced algorithms through graphics programs. Understanding how camouflage works in the visual spectrum depends on tracing the braided contributions of seemingly unrelated threads as the biophysics of visual processing, distinction between detecting a target and recognizing it, signal detection theory, biomechanics, perceptual vector analysis, and the integration of camouflage design, tactical doctrine, and training.

Safety is of prime importance to a Soldier’s drive operations be it in the Army Navy or the Air force.

iPAT Camouflage Camo Kits provide customization according to the theatre of operation. From uniforms and accessories, to weapons and field equipment, a soldier’s arsenal is camouflaged to conceal and deceive in tune to his surroundings.